Pre History

Aterna is at once ancient and new. The original creation of Aterna was accomplished eons ago by two gods, brother and a sister beings of immense power. Their names, if they had any, are lost in time. The sister has since only been referred to as “She” and the brother not at all.

Together they formed the planet from the formless matter which they found. Once the planet itself was complete the brother began to populate Aterna with life and to create order within the sphere of creation he and his sister had formed.

The sister began to be jealous of her brother and the lifeforms he had created. She became distant and withdrdawn, eventually determining to destroy the world she had once helped her brother to create. Before she could complete her plans however her brother realized her intent and resolved to stop her.

The brother found a way to seal his sister off from the realm of creation containing Aterna, but as he completed the process of sealing her off in her own domain She realized what was happening and attacked. She launched a blast of pure chaotic, disruptive power which streaked forth through the closing way to Aterna.

As the portal closed, the wave of energy washed over the brother and shattered his essence into five parts which were then strewn about the cosmos, leaving the newly formed world with no gods to watch over it.

Pre History

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