• Aramil Dyguromi

    Aramil Dyguromi

    Eladrin Wizard. Started off shy and bookish, but is quickly becoming cocky and a bit of a rake.
  • Axar Akanz

    Axar Akanz

    Dragonborn Ardent - Former Captain in the Vyntra army - Son of General Akanz
  • Baylian


    Drow Assassin
  • Gorgoth


    Longtooth Shifter Warden
  • Grok


    Servent of Llowel. Elderly Dwarven Male
  • Keldaria Dyguromi

    Keldaria Dyguromi

    Member of the Watchers of the Way. Mother to Aramil and Varis.
  • Kriv


    Dragonborn Knight Noble - Former Military and Police Force
  • Leucis


    Tiefling Warlock
  • Llowel Wystark

    Llowel Wystark

    Young Tiefling Noble who hired the party in Vyntra
  • Rysst Vyntrasa

    Rysst Vyntrasa

    Vizier of Vyntra. Dragonborn Wizard.
  • Thaerd Thunderstone

    Thaerd Thunderstone

    Ruler of the Thunderstone dwarf clan in the Thunderstone Mountains
  • Varis Slyborn

    Varis Slyborn

    Elven Ranger - Hunter