The city of Vyntra is located in the country of Vakors and is ruled by a mighty blue dragon. The majority of the day-to-day activity is managed by his Vizier, always a male member of the Vynatrassa family of dragonborn. This position is currently held by Rysst, the fifteenth member of his family to hold the post.

Most male citizens are required to serve for two years within the the local militia. This serves the dual purpose of keeping the militia well manned and the citizenry in general well trained in the case of war. Vyntra is situated in a narrow valley near the coast and as such flat land mass is at a premium. Because of this, or perhaps for some other more eclectic reason, the nobility started building towers at some point. As a result the entire city is covered with towers, some of them reaching hundreds of feet into the air and giving the city its nickname of ‘The City of Spires’.

For the most part the city is well maintained and order prevails, as is the way of blue dragons. There are no city walls as the surrounding mountains protect the city well enough. There are however two enormous gates at the northeastern and southern exits to the valley which are constantly manned by hundreds of militiamen. Many of the city’s nobility own mines in the surrounding mountains, which are worked by the common folk to produce an inordinate amount of rare gems and iron, making the city one of the most wealthy in the area, and one of the most infuriating to the dwarfs who once claimed this land.

Places of Interest

Current Events

The food shortage is causing problems with the economy.
Rysst and Vytrransa are looking at alternative food sources. In
particular the free city of Estoria on the western side of the mountains. A
great trade tunnel through the mountain would mean 2-3 day travel
times, 4-5 days for caravans. Getting this created however will require help from the dwarves in Under-Thrienster which in and of itself is unlikely.

There is also a portal linked portal being installed in the newly created Fort Verstig in order to facilitate quicker trade between the southern fishing villages and Vyntra proper. According to Rysst this portal could also be used to move civilians out of the city in case of a siege.

Rumors say that Xi Lu is fielding military units for “exercise” and a
green dragon, Xylic (son of Xi Lu) has been spotted scouting the route to Vyntra and has attacked several farms and a militia patrol.


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