Ald – Island sub-continent on the western edge of known Aterna

  • Astaroth – Main port city of Ald
  • Gyldamere – The “Golden City”, home of mages and former capital of a vast empire
  • Terase – Small city in the south
  • Illmyaria – Technically a separate island to the west of Ald. Home to many ancient things.

Caern – The largest continent in Aterna. It takes up the majority of the known Northern and Eastern parts of the world.

  • Izaria – The capital city of the country of the same name. The city is on the west coast. Closest city in Caern to Astaroth.
  • Alexandria – Perhaps the largest city in Aterna. On the south coast.
  • Newport – Located on the southern peninsula. Closest city to Delray.
  • Eldland – On the southern coast south of Thornspeak.
  • Vakors – Land ruled by Demons and Dragons to the far east. Little else known.
    • Vyntra – Situated in the Greywall mountains.
    • Xi Lu – Ruled by the green dragon Xi Lu.
  • Grynhold – City/Country far to the north. Home to barbarians and vikings.
  • Godshome – Said to be the largest mountain in all of Aterna. Located in the far north.

Delray – Continent south of Caern. Ostensibly ruled by the Pharaoh of Elgryn

  • Elgryn – Situated at the head of the river Hyatt. Ruling center of Caern.
  • Maer – Port city on north coast


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