Varis Slyborn

Elven Ranger - Hunter


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Battle Tactics

When adventuring, Varis maintains the stance of the pouncing lynx, making him difficult to surprise and especially dangerous at the battle’s onset. From there, he uses his reactive stealth wood elf ability to meld into the shadows or any nearby cover in order to gain the advantage and rain arrows from afar. The first chance he has after initial battle formation has been established, Varis shifts into the stance of the dancing serpent, allowing him to remain both mobile and deadly. At this point, Varis uses his excellent marksmanship skills to debilitate and relocate enemies in order to help his party emerge victorious.

For those times when an enemy may target him, Varis keeps a special move he learned as a young ranger called invigorating stride. This allows him to safely retreat and quickly tend to any wounds he may have.


Long before Varis Slyborn first saw this world, his future in the Feywild had been planned. It was understood; he would follow in the footsteps of so many Slyborns before him as an Unseelie agent. His father’s line had long been a part of a mysterious faction of the Unseelie Court that specializes in making unwanted problems go away for prestigious fey creatures with gold and a desire for complete discretion. The select few who are aware of this organization’s existence simply call it Shade. Mention Shade to an archfey and it’s likely that you’ll see an unknowing shrug before your toungue is transformed into an eel for your insolence.

To the best knowledge of most Unseelie, Varis’s family were simple people who owned and ran an adventuring equipment shop. The Slyborns had never been heralded as pictures of success. They were neither greatly respected nor greatly feared. In reality, they represented key factors in all of Shade’s dealings in the Feywild. Spending his youth in the service of his father as an up and coming Shade agent honed his skills in stealth and long range battle, and it should have shaped his diplomacy and political skills as well; however, there was something keeping him aloof and distant…something stopping him from embracing the most underhanded dealings. Other members of his family saw it as snobbishness. His father, Dagryth, would always say he was too afraid to get his hands dirty, often adding, “By the gods! When you were born we should’ve just wrapped you up in shiny golden leaves and shipped you off to the Sullie!”

Varis’s mother was a minor noble by birth of House Bemidbar, and she eloped with Dagryth at a very young age. Her name was Kyldaria and whether she really loved Varis’s father or was just marrying him because he’d planted a seed in her belly wasn’t clear. All that was clear was that she did not realize what she was getting herself into. Shade is composed of a vast network of people and responsibilities that totally absorb every aspect of the lives of its members, including family. Not long after Varis was born, Keldaria vanished. According to Varis’s father, her family was shamed by the dishonor of her pregnancy at a young age, and her sudden marriage to a simple shop owner. “They disowned her and it drove her to madness”. That’s as much as Varis could ever get from his father on the subject. Any more prying would only earn him cold steel eyes and a sharp subject change. According to what Varis gathered from rumors in the city, she either ran off with a human mercenary wielding a big sword, drowned herself in the Onaron river, or she was somehow trapped on Aterna and couldn’t get back. Varis didn’t put much stock in rumors and he had certainly seen his father lie before. After all, their whole life was a lie, so he didn’t know what to believe. Though, there was one version that seemed true enough. One evening, Taryne the ancient half-elven cleaning lady, shrouded in wrinkles and liverspots was ever so slowly dragging her mop across the floor of the shop as Varis was tallying the day’s sales. Suddenly, the sloshing of her mob stopped. Varis looked up and she was staring at him.
“Your mother.”
“Your mother wanted something more for you, but…”
“But what?”
“But one day, she just woke up and went into the forest, and…”
“And she never came back.” With that, old Taryne dunked her mop back in the bucket swished it around then went right back to mopping as if nothing had been said.

Dagryth loved his son as long as the young legacy was honing his skills in preparation to take up the true family trade. But as Varis got older, his ambitions aligned less and less with those of his father or Shade, so Dagryth grew distant and kept Varis behind the counter sorting money in the shop. As a teenager, Varis would often hunt in the forest, and occasionally, he would find himself wondering if he was on the same trail that his mother had set out on. But he tried not to dwell on it, and in the woods he came into his own. To the trees and the beasts he could become the information trading, silver-tounged broker of secret agreements that his dad had always wanted him to be. In the forest, he knew exactly what to say and how to listen, even when it didn’t involve any words. It was from the animals in the forests outside the Unseelie Court that Varis finally learned the truth of what had happened to his mother. She had, in fact, wandered into an ancient doorway between the Feywild and Aterna. After a particularly successful interaction with a beaver, Varis learned exactly where the doorway was. Eventually, at age 22, after being completely alienated from his father and his Unseelie peers, Varis disappeared from the city just like his mother had. He lived on his own in the wilderness for 2 weeks before he worked up the courage to dive into the spring-fed pool, swim to the bottom and lift the petrified log of an ancient oak to reveal a fold in the fabric of spacetime. Not long after entering the wilderness of Aterna, Varis was approached by a small band of wild elves clad only in green and brown with heavy cloaks, longbows, and wary faces. His life’s journey as a ranger had begun. He would work to preserve the pristine forests, protecting those that cannot speak for themselves, the plants and animals. He would leave his past behind…or would he?

Varis Slyborn

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