Tiefling Warlock


Leucis sports the usual characteristics of a Tiefling (large horns; a thick, nonprehensile tail four feet in length; sharply pointed teeth; and solid black eyes). His skin is brick red; and his hair is a dark grey almost black color.


Leucis curses his closest opponent when able. When a cursed enemy dies his Fate of the Void ability activates.
If he suspects an enemy is going to move in his direction Leucis will use Dire Radiance, otherwise he uses his Eldritch Blast ability.
His encounter and daily powers are usually saved for when things get out of hand.
Leucis moves as much as possible so that he gains the concealment benefit of his shadow walk class ability. And if he’s closer to his target than any of his allies his prime shot class ability comes into play.

Leucis knows he is not a fighter and will avoid being in close combat with his enemies when possible.


Born to a noble family Leucis spent much of his life in their 65’ tall tower home. As a child he spent many nights on the top of the tower looking out at the stars. Most who observed him during these sessions considered him an absent minded dreamer, but he knew he was looking for something… something that he could feel watching him. When his family caught “the sickness” and died he inherited the tower and continued his astrological study.

At the age of 14 he finally found what he was searching for. A powerful being descended on him and when Leucis looked on the face of it he knew true terror for the first time in his life. The entity flayed the flesh from his body and melted away his muscles the pain was more than the could bear yet Leucis did not die… kept alive by the will of this creature that had existed for eons beyond the stars. Then the beasts consciousness touched his own and Leucis felt immeasurable power; a power he immediately craved. The being could sense Leucis’ desire and they forged a pact.

When Leucis awoke his physical form was completely restored, and though he remembered the encounter in great detail he could no longer recall the name or face of his astral benefactor. The power to call upon hellfire that had been granted to him by the pacts of his ancestors had forged with demonic forces was lost to him. Instead he found himself able to summon a vortex of energy granted to him by his new master. Leucis now walks the path of a warlock, slowly gaining the power he craves through his star pact.


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