Drow Assassin


Baylian is of medium height (5’8") for his race with a very athletic and lean build. His skin is obsidian in color and he keeps his silver hair cut short, so that it doesn’t interfere with his vision. His eyes are deep green in the light, and a deep crimson in the dark.


Baylian doesn’t rush into battle. His fighting still is to slip in and out of combat doing loads of damages with his abilities. He places shrouds on his enemies to make his attacks more powerful, and gets pluses to damage if he is fighting an enemy that is solo, but also gains advantages when multiple creatures are surrounding them as well. He has abilities that allow him to teleport around the battle to flank his enemies, and can even become a shadow himself to reduce his visibility as well as the damage he takes.


Baylian was born the youngest of 6 siblings into a middle house in the underdark. Unfortunately for him, he was the only male. His sisters grew to be powerful priestesses and warriors, and constantly abused and tortured young Baylian. After years spent running, hiding, and defending himself from his sisters, he began to develop great athletic talents and showed great promise, so he was accepted as a student into the guild of Nightstalkers. He began pouring all of his efforts into learning the dark magics and skills that came with being a nightstalker. He dreamed of being free from his family and all of their conspiring and hate, but mostly of being free of fear. At one time he had longed to kill his family one by one, but after his teachings at the guild, he found that that would not be so easy. His sisters grew more powerful each year, and would surely kill him if he ever tried to retaliate to their beatings.

Fate however finally shined on Baylian when he was given his final task to graduate from his guild. He was to murder someone within the city. The target was normally a slave or member of a lower house, but that wouldn’t help his chances at freedom. Baylian had found a way to be rid of his family after all, and he wouldn’t have to harm any of them. His family was constantly feuding with their closest neighbor, but his family was a lower house than them. This is why they would never openly attack them. That changed the night Baylian slipped into their house and killed their youngest daughter. A promising young priestess, who at one time was a friend of Baylian’s, that changed however when she found Baylian lying on the ground behind his house one evening. Whipped nearly to death, he laid in a pool of his own blood. She used her healing talents to ease his suffering and pain. He was horrified moments later when she had one of his sisters beat him again just so she could watch. This went on for hours, beatings and healings all to the sound of her laughter, and made this decision a lot easier for him.

He marveled at how easy it was to slip into their house, and into her room. The act was quick and silent, and he watched as the life left her eyes in a soundless scream. Baylian left his family signet in her bed, knowing that it would start a chain reaction that would be the end of his nightmare. He returned to the guild to be accepted into the brotherhood of nightstalkers, only to leave moments later to get a good vantage point far from his house to watch the oncoming retaliation. He watched all night as his house was attacked, and felt relief when it was finally burned to the ground and left a pile of rubble. A part of Baylian died in that fire and was buried beneath the embers of what was his prison, and he arose the next day a free man. He fled to start a new life, one free from fear and torture. He arrived in Vyntra some time later, and found that he was socially accepted as an assassin. He took up work with some of the local nobles, and finally felt whole for the first time in his life. He was respected and feared, and enjoyed no longer hiding.


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