Axar Akanz

Dragonborn Ardent - Former Captain in the Vyntra army - Son of General Akanz


Axar is considered to be small for a dragonborn. He stands 6’0" and weighs 230. His skin is blue-green with cerulean colored scales and claws. He has areas on his forearms and legs that are more scaled than others. He wears fine dwarven chainmail, that of an officer in the vyntra armor. It is a deep blue color with spikes on the shoulders. He wields a giant execution axe across his back that is almost obsidian in color. The head of the axe is engraved with designs of fire and brimstone, and jeweled along the hilt with bold garnets and black diamonds. Axa’s breath weapon is a corrosive acid.


General Akanz started out as an adventurer and mercenary in his youth. He always strived to earn honor and respect in his journeys. He ultimately found his place within the military at Vyntra. He quickly moved his way up in the ranks with his unmatched strength on the battlefield. After years of promotions and victories on the battlefield, it was decided that General Akanz should retire within the city and take a place among the nobles. The new lifestyle did not seem to mesh with the way he had carried out his life with a giant execution axe, but the general was much older now. He decided he needed to have a son to carry on his legacy and the noble name of Akanz, that he had spent his entire life building.
Unfortunately there were complications with the birth of his first child, and the newborn was premature and his mother was lost during childbirth. The general had gotten his wish of a son, but the outcome was not what he expected. He named his son Axar Akanz, and was hopeful that through the tragedy that he could develop his son into a great warrior worthy of their name. Axar developed slower than the other dragonborn males of his age, and seemed to be shorter and leaner than his brethren. At first the general was worried that his son would always be a disappointment, because he would never grow into the tall strong soldier he had hoped for. He however noticed that Axar had the ability to affect everyone’s mood in a room just by being present. He could influence others moods and demeanors without even trying, and so the general had scholars work with his son every day to develop his natural talents. Axar learned to impart his will on others through simple thought, and was able to use this in everyday life, conversations, and more importantly on the battlefield.
Upon coming of age, Axar decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the military to honor the family name. He was initially not welcomed by his fellow soldiers, due to his father being a legend and the fact that it appeared that he couldn’t even lift the massive axe he carried. Everyone’s opinions soon changed when Axar was in his first skirmish, and his unit was outnumbered and surrounded. His sergeant fell early in the battle, and the unit began to panic. Axar focused all his energy on rallying his fellow soldiers, and charged the enemy. After besting more than 10 opponents, he channeled his energy towards demoralizing his enemies. The fear quickly began to show on their faces, and his unit rallied to his side and forced the enemy to retreat. Axar was promoted time and time again, after countless battles where the odds were always against his unit and eventually his army. Years later, and out of respect for his father, Axar did not want to be promoted beyond Captain. He only wished to advance to the rank of General when his father passed, because there could only be one General Akanz. He took a leave of absence from the military to find other means of honoring the family name. Luckily for him Vyntra seemed bustling with people needing the skills of someone such as Axar.

Axar Akanz

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