Aramil Dyguromi

Eladrin Wizard. Started off shy and bookish, but is quickly becoming cocky and a bit of a rake.


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Like all Eladrin, Aramil was born and raised in the magical Feywild. He spent the first 20 years of his life immersed in the study of all things magical as soon as he was able to read and write. He sacrificed his childhood and the chance to experience the beauty of the Feywild upon the alter of learning. He excelled in his studies and was chose by his kin to attend Vyntra College of Magic which stands in a set of three imposing and lofty towers near the heart of the city of Vyntras. Despite the fact that he was leaving his family and the Feywild behind him, Aramil was driven by his desire to learn more of the art of magic, and thus left without a second thought. Aramil spent the last five years studying intently at the college, striving to master his art. To the other students, he appeared cold and uncaring- a creature driven to excel at the cost of all else in his life. He only made one friend during his time at the college: a young Tiefling named Erutrog who was as driven and tireless as he. Aramil and Erutrog were of different minds when it came to morality; whereas Aramil preferred to see the good in things, Eratrog was always looking for the shadows. But, in the study of magic, they formed a bond, and were often in competition with each other to be at the top of their studies. However, the Aramil’s time at the college has now ended. He is embarkingupon the first year of his five year “independent study.” Although he has enjoyed his studies, after twenty five years, Amamil is ready to see more of the world than can found inside the library or the laboratory. So, while most of his fellow students will be spending five years in their own labs, Aaramil has decided to join a group of adventurers and test his magical knowledge in the dangers of the mortal realm Although he is wise in the way of magic and exudes the mysterious atmosphere typical of an Eladrin, he is still quite naive and unaware of how things work in the real world. He has been disturbed by what he has seen of Vyntras and hopes to find a way to help combat the darkness in the hearts of those around him despite the presence of the Dragons and Demons that rule the land.

Aramil Dyguromi

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