Session 1: Leucis

I went to the Wystark tower Saturday evening. A storm was blowing in, fitting given the tone of the letter that summoned me. When I arrived I was met by the dwarf that had delivered the letter, Grock. He led me to a sitting room where I met a Dhuras, a dragonborn lieutenant, and Baylian, an assassin whom I have had many dealings with in the past. I was unaware that anyone other than me had been summoned to discuss the issues at the tower, but given the position of these two I knew our host must be taking the matters very seriously. Grock brought me some tea while we waited for more guests to arrive. Over the course of the next hour we were joined by another dragonborn, a retired detective named Kriv whom it seems knows Dhuras; An Eladrin named Aramil; and a rather unkempt human named Gorgoth. The last two guests surprised me a little, while it’s not completely uncommon to find Eladrin or humans among the dragonborn they are rarely more than merchants or tradesmen. If his profession was not so well regarded in the city I would have been surprised to see Baylian as well. Given the motley crew that was assembled I was more than a little interested in what our host had to say, though I did my best to hide any such enthusiasm.

We were joined by our host Llowel who went on to tell us about his family tree and how he had come to inherit this tower from his grandfather. These details had been in the letter, so I didn’t take too much interest. It was then that he started talking about seeing apparitions in the form of his grandfather and other people from the paintings in the tower. This was intriguing in that while I have heard of a spirit manifesting in a place it lived and died to have multiple spirits doing so made this account special. It was obvious that Llowel was quite shaken by what he’d seen, and was beginning to question his own sanity. I decided to remain quite during the recounting of his story and try to soak up every detail. If he was making any of this up, I’d catch him in a circle of lies and if his story was true the finest detail could prove important to determining the source of his troubles. At the behest of our host we moved to the dinner table where we enjoyed a freshly prepared tomato basil soup. While we were having our dinner we were visited by a spirit in the form of Llowel’s grandfather. We attempted to convince the apparition that we were there to help our host though we were unsuccessful, maybe because we weren’t sure exactly what we were there to help with or what we could even do. The ghost vanished without providing us much insight.

With our meal behind us we set out to get some rest. Llowel had insisted that the strange happenings in the tower were more frequent at night so some of the guests set a watch to keep an eye/ear open for anything unusual. I retired to my room and as is my custom stripped down completely and arranged my gear in a fashion that I’d be able to get ready quickly if needed before lying down to rest. Part way through the night I was burst in upon by Dhuras, and as I leapt from the bed in my natural glory he informed me that the watch had heard a kind of scratching in the walls that seemed to be descending the floors of the tower. I gathered myself, dressed and rushed off to join the others to see if we could find the source of the noise.

We made our way down into an old wine cellar where we were attacked by rats. There were some dire rats, swarms of smaller rats and some large mutated rats that spit some kind of caustic material at us. Though I doubt I’ll recount the tale of our epic battle to anyone as it’s rather embarrassing that we didn’t dispatch these rodents with ease, we were able to finally best them. We examined the cellar and found an entrance that it seems the rats had made. We are planning to explore further and maybe find the source of the infestation.

I’m a little put off that the sounds that have been troubling Llowel were coming from rats, and I hope that when we sit down to discuss these matters our host will be able to convince me that he called us here for something more than vermin extermination.
– Leucis


Odesh Odesh

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