Session 1: Baylian

Another note, another mission. I’m getting used to these kinds of invites lately. Vague note, noble in distress, it seemed like just another night. I arrived at Wystark tower just before a severe storm. An omen maybe? Not for me anyways, but maybe for my newest soon to be deceased target. That’s strange. I wasn’t greeted immediately by a nervous noble, instead, I’m asked to wait. This is different, guess I’ll get comfortable. In walks a dragonborn soldier, he looks seasoned and like he can handle himself. Am I to infiltrate the military barracks this evening and he’s my escort… Another guest arrives and this time it seems that things are going to get really interesting. Another dragonborn warrior and he knows the Lieutenant. Wait a minute I recognize him! He was or still is a detective, and he is here with a soldier. This could get ugly real fast, and I’m already outnumbered in this damn corner of the room. Just as my suspicions couldn’t grow anymore, in walks Leucis. A recent employer of mine, and by the looks of it he isn’t sure why he is here either. Have we been caught, is this detective going to be interrogating us on our recent relationship? If that’s the case, then the letter leading me into this trap was a success. I give Leucis a nod, and before I can make my way to the exit of the room, in pops a curious Eladrin. Hmm, maybe I am being too jumpy, but being cautious is why I’m still alive. Lastly a wild looking human enters and is apparently the last of this odd assembly.

Our newest employer enters, and begins to tell us his tale of strange occurrences in the tower. Llowel seems extremely agitated, but I also know he is holding something back. No one else seems to notice, but I did catch a green glow from his neck just before it disappeared. That’s strange, and could explain why he invited a group of skilled individuals to handle his problem, which I believe is more than a couple of apparitions. What is he hiding, what is he scared of? As if on cue an apparition of his grandfather appears to back up his story, maybe he is telling some of the truth. We were unable to find out though, as the ghost disappeared before we could get any useful information from him. After some exploration of the tower, I begin to see the roles of everyone starting to unfold. It seems that Llowel has prepared a group of people that can handle some sort of attack, but when is the attack coming? Experience would say as soon as we let our guard down, and again as if on cue. We are awoken during our slumbers and trances to loud noises, the same Llowel had mentioned. We followed them to the cellar, strange that Llowel forgot to mention the cellar… Surprise yet again, we are ambushed. I am not used to fighting within a group, so I hope this doesn’t end ugly for any of us here. Watching the dragoborn in action was a sight to behold. Their training and preparation was evident in their prowess on the battlefield. Master Leucis didn’t disappoint, because I had seen him dispatch creatures with his dark energy before. Bravo sir. Aramil displayed his studies are paying off as his commanding great magics on the battlefield, and only to be matched by the wild fighting style of the shifter. I knew Gorgoth had another side to him, and it was entertaining to watch him channel his fury and rage into a unique fighting style. The battle could have gone smoother, but what can one expect when joining ranks with complete strangers. The fight was soon over nonetheless, and we were left wondering what is down this tunnel of these unique rats? Could this be how they dragged Llowel’s grandfather out of the tower to where his corpse was found, or is there something more? Are the strange glowing green protrusions from the mutant rats connected with the green glow from Llowel’s neck? I guess we will soon find out, as we travel deeper into the dark.


Odesh Odesh

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